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I grew up drinking soy milk.

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Modern flavours, traditional methods

Origin of Soy Milk

According to legend, fresh soy milk originated in China during the time of Liu An, the king of Huainan in the Western Han Dynasty.

He was known as a dutiful son. When his mother fell ill, Liu An soaked soy beans and ground them fresh every morning for his mother.

Liu's mother soon recovered, thanks to her son's daily preparation.

Since then, soy milk has become a staple beverage for the Chinese and many others around the world!


About Us

We began prototyping the Banxian Doufu brand in 2016, incubating for 3 years before focusing on pragmatic operations and steady growth.

Our motto is "catering drives cultural creativity, and cultural creativity feeds back on catering".

We aim to preserve traditions while also keeping up with market trends, to create a consumer brand suitable for all ages.

In 2021, Chinese Tofu Magician arrives on the shores of Singapore!



Our Fermented Soy Milk™

✅ 工艺 Process

泡豆,磨浆,二次细磨(两次均 质),过滤,分离,煮浆,撇清
Soak bean, 2 stages of grinding, Filter, Extraction, Boil, Skimming

✅ 营养 Nutrient

营养物质成缔合体呈均匀分散, 人体能吸收95%左右
Smaller molecule size. Easier for body to absorb up to 95% of nutrient

✅ 标准 Standard

Rich milky blend. Smooth, fine texture

✅ 口感 Texture

奶状乳化物,水乳合一。口感极 细腻而均匀
Rich milky blend. Smooth, fine texture

✅ 口味 Taste

添加除腥,除臭等工序抗卵磷脂 氧化,无豆腥味
Special process to eliminate Soy raw taste

regular soy milk

工艺 Process

Soak bean, Grind, Filter, Boil

营养 Nutrient

营养物质颗粒较大,人体只能吸 收40-50%左右
Larger molecule size. Human body able to absorb about 40 50% of nutrient

标准 Standard

Soy soluble solid content about 4%

口感 Texture

Rougher texture due to separation of water and soy molecule

口味 Taste

大豆中的脂肪氧化酶发生作用生 成醇类物质产生豆腥味
Mild raw Soy taste

Our Eight-step Process To AuthenticTaste

Select – Steep – Change – Grind

Filter – Separate – Boil – Skim


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